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Those who want to install Windows XP on a computer that no CD drive, there are alternative ways ya! This way I Get of What are the requirements? Here it is: USB Flash Disk (Minimum 1 GB)

Windows XP CD (Better Use SP 2).
Existing computer CD drive and use Windows XP or Vista OS.
Courage, and patience. This process is quite time-consuming
After downloading all the above requirements, the following steps:
1. Extracts Bootsect.rar, USB_Prep8.rar and PeToUSB_3.0.0.7.rar.
2. Copy-Paste to a folder PeToUSB.exe USB_Prep8.
3. Usb_prep8.cmd doble click in the folder USB_Prep8, it later emerged the command prompt :

4. Click any button, the window will appear like this:

5. Click start. IMPORTANT: After formatting is complete, do not close the window!  do was huddled. ^ ^
6. Open a command prompt (Start-> All Programs-> accecories-> Command Prompt or Start-> Run ... -> type cmd in the box).
7. Navigate to the directory where the command prompt in the extracts was bootsect.exe use the command:
"Cd Directory_tplace_bootsect.exe"
example: "cd desktop \ new folder"
8. Type "bootsect.exe / nt52 I:". I is a USB drive (altered state drive on the computer).
If successful then exit the phrase "Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes."
9. Close the command prompt that is (not that usbprep8). Close the window also PeToUSB, then will appear the following window:

10. Do not press enter once here (very fun ^ ^)
Press 1 then enter. Window will appear, browse to the drive where XP cd.
Press 2 then enter. Enter unused letters for names in the computer drive (usually c, d, e, f is already in use)
Press 3 then Enter. Insert the USB drive letter.
Press 4 then Enter. The process of copying data to USB drives will begin.
11. There will be questions about formatting the drive T. Type y and then enter.
12. After formatting is complete, press enter to continue.
13. Press enter again to continue.
14. Pop-up box will appear, click yes.
15. Click yes again in the pop up window that appears.
16. Click yes again to unmount the virtual drive.
Okay! Process is complete. USB can be used to install Windows XP.
Do not forget to setup the boot manager in the BIOS to boot from USB.
Continue to fit the installation, select the number 2 for text mode setup first. Process will be continued as usual XP installation.
When finished select option number 1 to continue installation of Windows XP.
Do not unplug the usb until installation is complete. After Windows is finished installed, disconnect the USB (Safely removed first).

Good Luck,And Dont Forget For Comment For this Blog.thx