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Asimov is a lowly service mechanoid aboard the interstellar colony ship Eidolon. Carrying hundreds of frozen human colonists to a new world. When the Eidolon's computer brain malfunctions, it falls to Asimov to undertake a perilous journey through the bowels of the massive ship to save his robot friends and the precious human cargo.Solve puzzles. Overcome obstacles. Hack hostile networks. Evade crazed robots. Save the mission.

Game features:
  • Over 200 beautifully realised (yet perilous!) rooms.
  • Over 20 different enemies.
  • 7 friendly robots to aid you in your quest.
  • Hack hostile networks in 'ghost hack'.
  • Solve puzzles.
  • Numerous medals to unlock.
  • Discover what has caused all the problems onboard the starship.
  • Rescue your robot friends and the sleeping human crew and save the mission.
System requirements:
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 9c
  • 800 MHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 32 MB Video with Shader Model 2.0 support
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