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As usual we review the Ways to Increase Visitors to the Surf Traffic Exchange. Before you enter the Surf Traffic Exchange. You should pay attention to the following provisions already given directly by the Surf Traffic Exchange.

Auto Surf program is a traffic exchange. Where the existing surf free of advertising, so surf over good and automatic. If you sign up through your referral, then in addition to a free 5000 visitors, there are three bonus levels for member free (Pro Accounts) is if there is a sign up through our link (referral), then we will get a bonus that is diLevel a bonus: 100 credits / Level 2 bonuses : 75 credits / Level 3 bonus: 50 credits. However, when registering directly to auto surf traffic directly, can also, but we did not get the bonus.

The choice is up to us all, if you like then sign up via the referral bonus, but if you do not want to get the bonus you should take directly to the web list.

If already registered then is to register your site / blog, and that must be considered is the website must be clean of Frame Braker, Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders, Adults, Illegal Courses, Hacking if it is not addressed then the URL will be Rejected Rotating Sites or in rejected.

If you are still hesitant lists you can see the evidence of my friend Tembelan Blog

Here I will not dissect effectively but you have to do is how the performance and the bonuses given to us directly from the Surf Traffic Exchange itself. You believe it or not what I've describe here. It becomes individual rights. So if you are interested Ways to Increase Visitors to the Surf Traffic Exchange. please simply register through the link below.

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