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Pascal is a high-level language whose orientation in all-purpose, designed by Professor Niklaus Wirth of the Technical University of Zurich, Switzerland. The name is taken as a tribute to Pascal Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician and philosopher of 17th century France. Professor Niklaus Wirth introduced the first Pascal compiler for the CDC 6000 computer (Control Data Corporation), published in 1971 with the aim of helping to teach a computer program systematically, especially for introducing structured programming.

In a short time, Pascal has become a popular language among college students and is the language taught at several universities. Some computer professionals are also beginning to switch to the Pascal language. In fact, Pascal was the language most popular fast compared to the languages ​​of the other high-level computer.

Standard Pascal is a Pascal language is defined by K. Jensen and Niklaus Wirth. Pascal manifests the many different standards to what has been defined by K. Jensen and Niklaus Wirth. Standard Pascal in Europe definition enumerated by the ISO (International Standards Organization) and in America by the cooperation between the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and IEEE (Intitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers).

Some versions of Pascal that has been circulating in the market, including UCSD Pascal (University of California at San Diego Pascal), MS-Pascal (Pascal Microsoft), Apple Pascal, Turbo Pascal and others. Until now, for micro-computers and personal, Turbo Pascal is a Pascal language version of the most popular and widely used. Turbo Pascal compiler much-loved, because mainly they are interactive, such as interpreters only. Also follow the definition of Turbo Pascal Pascal standard as defined by K. Jensen and Niklaus Wirth on Pascal User Manual and Report. Turbo PASCAL is the copyright of Borland Inc.. and can be used on PC-DOS operating system, MS-DOS, CPM-86 and CP/M-80.

PASCAL growing popularity along with the development PC. There are several Co mpiler PASCAL, TURBO PASCAL one of which is issued by Borland International. TURBO PASCAL 7.0 was released in 1992 which has:
1. Compiler (to compile the program into an object that is understood by the computer
2. Debugger (to help find program errors)
3. Linker (to combine object files and executable files  forming File)
4. Editor (to write the program source / source code)

Excess Pascal 
  • Turbo Pascal is a high-level language so they can more easily diperlajari
  • Turbo Pascal included in a modular programming language
  • Writing syntac the Pascal language does not distinguish between capital and lowercase letters (case sensitive)
  • The process of compiling (translating the program source code into a language understood by the compiler) is rapid
  • Standard data types, standard data types that are already available in most programming languages. Pascal has a standard data types: boolean, integer, real, char, string,
  • User defined Data Types, programmers can create other data types derived from standard data types
  • Strongly-typed, the programmer must specify the data type of a variable, and variables can not be used to store data types other than the specified format.
  • Structured, has a syntax that allows the writing of programs broken down into smaller functions (procedures and functions) that can be used repeatedly.
  • Simple and expressive, has a simple structure and very close to human language (English) so it is easy to learn and understand.
PASCAL language is also the language used as the standard programming language for the national team's Olympic Computer Indonesia (TOKI). In addition, the PASCAL language still used in the IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics). However, at this time. PASCAL has started being abandoned. Most programmers today prefer C / C + + and Java because of better support for object-oriented programming.

Even so, language is still used in the PASCAL programming language in the universities so it is often called the language of the university because of the easy programing are so suited to describe computer programming for students who are just learning computer programming.

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