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It includes the complete toolsets from the Mechanical Edition and Architectural Edition. You will find many of the most advanced technologies in the industry such as the 3D ACIS® Modeler, Siemens PLM Software division’s D-Cubed 2D DCM constraint manager, and LightWorks photorealistic and non-photorealistic artistic rendering capabilities from Lightwork Design.

Because of the breadth of mechanical and architectural tools, the Platinum Edition is perfectly flexible for designers whose projects cross disciplines such as the designer-builder, contractors, electricians, mechanical designers working in plant design or building equipment, HVAC, plumbing, structural engineering, and more. It is also great for those who simply want access to more tools for any variety of reasons, including the serious design hobbyist, or those who work in one discipline and use the same software for hobby work in another.

If TurboCAD Pro Platinum Edition doesn’t have all the tools you need to complete your design goals, it is likely that you will find it in one of the many plug-ins for TurboCAD, such as Animation Lab, CAM, Furniture Maker, or the Beam Analysis Tool. If not, there is a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) for TurboCAD Pro to allow you to create your own tools and customize behaviors.

The TurboCAD Pro Platinum Edition includes all the features and power of TurboCAD Pro basic edition, the Mechanical Edition, and the Architectural Edition. It provides every tool necessary to create the most advanced part, comprehensive designs, or document the most elaborate drawings in the most productive manner.

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