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Facebook is not available in the official feature to create a blog. But thanks to an application made by the users of Facebook, there are some applications that are ready to blog you can use in creating a blog in your Facebook. If you want to create a blog on Facebook or fraudulent want to create a blog follow the steps below.

Step 1:

In circumstances you have logged in into your account up for you, try to enter a keyword / keyword "blog" on the blog search to find applications that are available.

Step 2:
You will see several blog applications created by third parties. This time, choose one that is made by Shujaat bin Tariq with a blue B icon, and click the View Application.

Step 3:
Next will come the main page of the blog application. Click Go Application.

Step 4:

Then you'll get a few blogs that have been in publishing by other Facebook users with the same application as well. On this page there are also links to make your first blog. Click the Create New Blog Entry.

Step 5:
Before you can create a new blog entry, you must activate the blog face. Click Add Face Blog

Step 6:
On the next page you will be prompted for confirmation to allow access to the display profile and everything related to your personal data on Facebook. Click Allow

Step 7:
You'll find re-display the same page with previously. Click the Create New Blog Entry

Step 8:
A good idea to create a category in advance to make your blog become more neatly under different topics that you created. Click Add New Category

Step 9:
In the Add New Category dialog, specify a name for that category on the Title. To give a brief description Description menenai category, or you can also let in circumstances empty but it's good on the content first.

Step 10:

A moment later a new category that you created is now listed in your blog.

Step 11:
You can make some other categories in the same way. If so then later in the Categories will appear the names of the categories you have created earlier. This time you are able to create a blog entry by clicking the Create New Blog Entry.

Step 12:

Actually for the application of artificial blogs shujaat bin Tariq has fitir WYSIWYG editor, but when the article was in the high rises were still there are improvements. Therefore, this time not unlike tampilanya Basic Editor. Enter namajudul on the title and select the category you want to use.

Step 13:
You can enter your blog posts in the section that has been provided. unfortunately this time fitue WYSIWYG editor is still not perfect. But you can include links videos from YouTube here.

Step 14:
To insert a video from Youtube, search videos you are looking for using the search facility on Youtube. Once you find the video search results, click one you want, then copy the URL of the video and input video URL that you get from earlier in part Youtube Video URL.

Step 15:
After all believed had been filled with the tone right click Publish. Then you will get a message that your blog has been completed is made.

What do you think? Are you also will create a blog on up like me?Good Luck Bro..