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Dr.Batcher is the simplest batch file editor available on market for batch programming. Using Dr.Batcher you can create batch file even if you have never done it before. If you know a lot about the creation of BAT and CMD files, Dr.Batcher is still useful for you. With Dr.Batcher you can use handy features of professional IDEs like syntax highlighting, code tooltips and bookmarks, that make writing code of batch file easier. Dr.Batcher really helps you to create bat files in easy and fast way!

Features of Dr.Batcher: 
  • Simple mode: create BAT files with visual editors and wizards 
  • Professional mode: create BAT files with full-featured and highly customizable text editor with syntax highlighting, code tooltips, lines numbering and bookmarks 
  • Easy switching between different modes of batch file editor 
  • Built-in support for most commonly used standard Windows and DOS commands 
  • Support for easy search of additional information on commands in the Web via Google, Yahoo, MSN Search 
  • Support for looking through environment variables and copying their values 
  • Expandability: easy to add new commands through XML files with their descriptions 
  • Support for BAT scripts in Windows and DOS encoding, fast conversion of text from one encoding to another 
  • Support for automatic updates 
  • Exporting BAT files to HTML, RTF (Microsoft Word), TeX and printing them with syntax highlight 
  • Support for changing language of Dr.Batcher’s user interface 
  • Windows 7 support 
  • Templates and examples
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