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Creating a PC with an unusually high speed already a common place. However, how to create a PC that is not only fast, but it also does not cause noise?

Having a set of PCs with high speed is a dream for all fans of the PC. With high-speed PCs, of course you can do the job and what activities are desired. For you fans of gaming, for example, activities to play the latest 3D games like Doom 3, FEAR or Call of Duty 2 would be very interesting with the characters who move smooth and does not seem broken. Likewise if you are a worker graphic arts, graphic processing applications can run more smoothly and quickly with no disruption delay that means.

All that you can do if using a PC with high speed which of course is supported also by other devices such as VGA, RAM, and processor. Besides being used for play and work, you also can create an entertainment center all-in-one in one house, both for television viewing, watching DVD movies, and listening to music. Requirement is just one, you are required to have a PC devices that have a high speed, but in addition to the speed of the features
others also need your attention.

Currently, if you have a minimum budget of U.S. $ 600 or approximately Rp5.400.000, was able to assemble a PC gaming with a fairly high speed (in this case we equate with PC gaming PC graphics). However, at that price you will not get spesifi cation and the same performance in built-up computer. Therefore, we suggest that as much as possible to assemble your own PC. With the exact composition of the components, you will get a reliable PC at an affordable price. Here are examples of component composition with satisfactory result.

Use the AMD Athlon 64 processor 3000 + (Socket 939), chosen because the comparison of price and performance is quite good compared to the other. Motherboard select an air-nForce 4 SLI chipset, 1 GB of RAM use (2x512 MB dual-channel) and air-chipset video card GeForce 7600 GS. For other enhancements-such as sound cards, sound cards onboard actually had to be sufficient, but if you want better sound quality, can choose the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value.

Select the minimal storage media capacity 40 GB, because the games now greedy for space (one game after installed are able to reach 4 GB). Optical Drive where you can choose products from Lite-On, try to choose the type of combo drives. The latter is the case, for example you can choose ANTEC Sonata II with PSU (power supply unit) of 450 watts. With the example of such a composition, you can already play most 3D games available today weight that is FEAR, though with limitations here and there.

Fast and Silent

Can be interpreted quickly and not noisy. A super-fast PC certainly does not avoid the noise that issued from within the casing. Many factors can cause noises that are disturbing enough. Either the sound was coming from the fan casing is too big, PSU fan, processor and fan heatsink VGA heatsink fan, or even the noise was caused by shock during hard work.

In the rubric "Cover Story" this time we will try to give some guidance to create a fast PC, but did not issue a noise. Especially if you put the PC near your bed. This guide will be divided into several sections, among others pulled nai several types of supporting components are suggested, if you plan on buying a new PC components such as VGA, CPU Cooler, and the processor.

In another section, we will provide guidelines to optimize the ability of existing components, such as setting the clock on the processor, heatsink fan to replace either the processor or video card, optimizing the drivers and applications, as well as the addition of other materials such as foam for acousti-Pack can muffle the noise in the casing.

After following the guidelines of us, it is hoped you were able to create a PC with high speed, but with a low noise level.

Maybe after Lebaran THR money you are still left or for those who are still students and students acquire the excess allowance during Lebaran, maybe it's time you have a superfast PC and not noisy that you've dreamed of.

Suggested Components

1. Video Card: Select the Use Passive Cooling
Currently almost all video card manufacturers have products with passive cooling. But of course, not all passive cooling can be applied to the products that use high-end chip, because the chip with a class like that tend to generate high enough heat so that is not enough if only cooled using passive cooling only. For a video card with the use of high-end chip, we recommend you use a cooling system with water cooling. Of course, if you can buy a high-end video card, buy a cooler with water cooling system would not be a problem anymore for you.

Losses from passive cooling: Because of the design that tends to be quite large and take place in the casing, then indirectly affect air circulation within the casing to be disturbed so that the exhaust fan in the casing have to work extra. Because of its design, the passive cooling system is usually too close in the next few slots on the motherboard so that the slot can not be enabled.

2. PSU (Power Supply Unit) with Large Fan

Currently, some manufacturers already have products PSU PSU with big fan measuring 12 cm, but despite the large noise level generated is very small (low noise). We only take products samples from AcBel, Silentmaxx, and Silverstone. But, of course you have to make it up with a fairly expensive (the cheapest price around U.S. $ 142). For business this PSU, you simply provide a PSU with a capability of 450 watts power rating because of the power rating for that you can use SLI or Crossfire technology.

If you want to be more thrifty, you can buy a chassis that already include the PSU in it. Casing which has a PSU with good performance and low noise level is ANTEC Sonata II.

3. Processor: Choose a type Mobile Technology
You can choose one of two types of processors that can be used, AMD Turion 64 (X2) or Intel Core Duo, the two types of processors are commonly used in notebooks. Today is the processor type of mobile work more efficiently than the patient type of desktop processors.

In addition to the required voltage needs a little more, this mobile processor type does not generate heat that is too large so that the duty of the heatsink and fan is not too heavy. You can choose variants of the Ultra Low Voltage Core Duo, the L2300 and L2400 in which both offer very little power consumption. You also can choose the processor from AMD, namely MT-28 Turion 64 and Turion 64 MT-30.

Customize your motherboard also would you buy with these processors. If possible select a motherboard with passive cooling which uses heatpipe chipset on his second. Indeed, the price will be slightly more expensive if you use a motherboard and processor type mobile. But, of course performance will be worth the price.

Create a More Quiet PC

4. Lowering Processor clockspeed
How is the easiest and most effective way to reduce noise coming from fan heatsink. If your motherboard BIOS has a feature to change the frequency of the processor clock speed, you can lose a little speed is the clock frequency. With so heat from the processor will be reduced so that the job of the processor heatsink fan will be lighter, then automatically generated voice will be more peaceful.

But by using this method, the ability of your PC is not going to be maximum and tends to decrease. You just choose your PC's full ability and maximum, but it raises a disturbing noise or the ability of your PC down a bit and did not result in a noisy sound.

If you intend to change the frequency of the clock speed of your processor, enter the BIOS menus (usually by pressing the DEL key). Then go into the menu "Advanced", then select the "CPU Configuration" and "CPU FSB Frequency".

Here you can change the FSB (Front Side Bus) clock that affects the performance of a processor. At this point change the FSB value in it is usually worth between 100-266 MHz, down to a maximum of 25% from its default value.

When finished changing the FSB it, press F10 to save it in the BIOS and then restart your PC. After the restart process is complete, your PC will decrease performance, but of course there was no noise coming out of its processor heatsink.

5. AMD Athlon 64: Using Processor Driver and BIOS features
If you have an AMD Athlon 64 processor, then to eliminate noise caused by the fan heatsink will be able to handle with ease. Because at some air-AMD platform motherboard already supports a feature called AMD Cool 'n Quiet Technology. Features of this one was not known by the novice computer user, but if you enable this feature but can set the voltage then issued to the processor, this feature can also reduce the heat from the processor automatically.

In the BIOS default settings, this function memangselalu disabled. To activate it quite easy, first go into the BIOS and select "Power Management", replace the option "AMD Cool 'n Quiet" is enabled. After that, save and reboot your PC.

Another way is to install the drivers and applications for AMD Athlon 64 processor. Applications and drivers can be found on AMD's official site, but usually the manufacturer's motherboards are always sitting also includes applications and drivers in the sales package.

When finished installing, perform the setting of his energy option, change into the "minimum energy consumption." The function is the same as if you enable AMD Cool 'n Quiet Technology in the BIOS.

6. CPU Cooling Device
CPU Cooler is one important component that if not addressed will cause a very annoying voice. Currently, the market has been circulating cooling devices from starting a low-end to high-end class that already apply the water cooling system.

When we buy a new processor, then in the sales package must be included as well as a cooling device standard. Usually the only cooling device using materials from aluminum only, because it is intended for the use of standards and not to use overclocking.

One of the reasons why only cooling device using aluminum, is cost of production that tend to be small. Material from the cooling device is a good use of copper (copper) which are equipped with heatpipe, but of course production costs incurred will be very large if the cooling device with a standard material from processor sales package.

Replacement of cooling devices must you do if you own standard cooling devices have started out with noise. The noise usually comes from fans who go the extra mile because the processor generate excessive heat, in which the cooling device is made of aluminum are usually not able to absorb the heat to maximum.

Materials such as copper cooling device (copper) which are equipped with heatpipe so we recommend here, because in addition it can absorb heat well enough, fans of the cooling device with materials has been equipped with temperature sensors, so if the heat generated by the processor only slightly, then turn the fan will not be too tight. Conversely if the processor is too hot, the fan will adjust.

Some examples of cooling devices that we worked pretty good value, both in terms of absorption of heat from the processor and cooling fan noise level of peripheral devices, such as Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra TC that is used for the processor or AMD Athlon 64 X2 for Socket 754 and 939. Cooling device costs about U.S. $ 20. As for Intel Pentium 4 processor socket 478 Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Pro TC could be an option at a price of about U.S. $ 19. For socket 775 cooling devices that you might consider is the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro which can be obtained for U.S. $ 34. The prices obtained from the official website.

But in his official site, some cooling devices have been discontinued (discontinued), which is still produced only Coolong Arctic Freezer 7 Pro. But, of course, to the market in Indonesia, some cooling devices can still be found. Some things to remember if you want to use the cooling device is a weight that was in the range of 400 grams can make dudukmenyertakan of the motherboard you will be overloaded. Especially if you like memindahmindahkan location of your PC.

7. Two Options for Video Card
If you feel your video card is very disturbing noises, can do two things to the video card. How quickly the easiest is to replace the entirety of the video card you are with the new. For example, one video card with passive cooling is good enough is ASUS EAX1600XT. However, money should you spend not a little to make up for a new video card, about $ 150-US $ 500 and instead may be more than that.

The second way is to change the default from the video card heatsink is equipped with a fan of his. Some examples of good heatsink is a product from Arctic Cooling or can you see in the www.arctic, to find where the heatsinks are most suitable for your video card. All you need to remember when replacing the heatsink is the size. Because if it is too large, then the heatsink it will automatically cover the empty slots on the side of video cards and certainly will not be an empty slot you can enable.

8. Harddisk Silencer CRACKLE
Hard drive can also cause the sound is quite annoying. The voices of these occur when the hard drive was working from the head of the hard drive trying to read the plate in it. Noise also occurs from the round plate in it that causes vibration on the disk itself, and if your PC is not good casing will cause unpleasant voice heard. The only way for this is to provide a HDD Cooler is made from aluminum and comes with a pretty good fan.

9. Replacement PSU
PSU is also one of the components that cause your PC to be noisy, especially because it has a blower fan. Currently, in most PSU wear
fan diameter of 12 cm, a very large size. That makes most of the PSU to be noisy. However, if the PSU is providing a controller for a fan, the story will be different. Because then we can control the fan rotation in accordance with our wishes.

As an example of ANTEC PSU, namely True Power TPII-380, a power rating of this PSU is 380 watts and has his own fan adjustment function, the price offered is also quite reasonable at around U.S. $ 75. Very much if you compare buying a fanless PSU with the system (without fan) which currently can be reached at U.S. $ 170.

10. Replacement of the exhaust on the casing
In every case must have at least an exhaust that befungsi to remove hot air that is in the casing and of course set the air circulation inside the casing. Exhaust fan that is usually contained in standard casing usually do not have good quality and seem only just improvise. This is the cause of the noise from the exhaust fan.

The only way to eliminate the noise is changing with a new fan. For example you can use the Arctic Fan 8L 8 or 8 cm in diameter with a price of around U.S. $ 6. Round can be made from this fan 2000 RPM with a maximum noise level of only 20.0 dB. However, you need to consider here is to provide a place for an additional fan in the casing. First make sure your chassis has been available on site for an additional fan.

11. Supporting Tools for Mute Sound in PC
After all the components inside your PC is no more annoying sound, you definitely can breathe with relief. But so far our experience, the slightest sound issued from the components inside the PC, his voice will still be heard up to your ear.

To be able to totally eliminate the sound you require additional equipment. One of them with foam using a silencer which of course already known by many overclockers and PC enthusiasts. One example of a well-known sound absorbers are a product of Acoustic, namely AcoustiPack, but very
Unfortunately, this product does not seem to enter the Indonesian market.

For another alternative, you can search for sound dampening foam on the market of Indonesia, indeed the results would not be best if you use the product on top but still will make your PC quieter.

There are several reasons we recommend that you use the silencer foam. The first silencer is able to absorb the sound that arises in the casing so as to prevent the sound in the casing out and be heard by your ear and the second is to use this foam vibration is usually felt when the optical drive or hard drive at work will disappear altogether, so will cause the PC to be quiet and there is no vibration at all when you hold it.

12. Optimal Cooling with Water Cooling System
Just as the formula applicable, that water is more effective to cool the temperature of the heat compared with air. But of course to cool the components of a PC case, the volume of water needed should not be too much and certainly with the flow of water that is not too fast. To our knowledge, cooling in this way is the most effective way to reduce heat, let alone water cooling system does not remove the noise while working.

There are several concepts of the water cooling system. One of them currently is widely applied by pumping water from the radiator into the respective water block already installed in the brackish-gmasing components on the PC. Water will be drained from the radiator through several components at once, such as processors, video cards and even chipset motherboard or hard drive (if the water cooling system, it provides plenty of water block) to then cool the respective components. After that the water will again turn into the radiator. Radiator water cooling system of this type are passive, because it is not equipped with a fan. So despite the rather large size, the radiator is not the slightest sound. Another concept is the active water cooling system radiator is equipped with a small fan.

We recommend not to choose water cooling system equipped with a fan on the radiator, because it would not affect the performance of water cooling. One example of water cooling system that is good enough in our opinion is the product from Zalman, the Zalman Reserator 1 Plus. But, of course you have to spend up to U.S. $ 240 range. The price is quite expensive, right? Good luck and experiment.

Good luck..!!