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Cebas PSD-Manager allows you to export items of the rendering of objects and materials, G-Buffer in Adobe Photoshop. To date, PSD-Manager is the most professional plug-in to export the results of rendering software 3ds Max / VIZ for the global market. In the new version you can modify almost all components of the rendering, and most importantly, is to edit the results in the most popular raster graphics editor - Adobe Photoshop (or another editor that supports PSD file format).

psd-manager ™ is the first and most advanced PSD file exporter for 3ds max / VIZ available on the market. Now, for the first time you can readjust nearly everything in the rendering with Adobe ® Photoshop ® or any another application that supports PSD files. psd-manager is the tool to help you save time and money by integrating the tools you best know and like.

# Unique support for 16 bits per channel PSD files
# Produces 100% compatible PSD files (Adobe ® Photoshop ® file format)
# Output of rendered image as layer with layer mask
# Outputs all 3ds max Render Elements as layers into one single psd file
# Extremely customizable render element layers (order, blending modes ,...)
# Easy setup through builtin preset system and automatic layer sorting
# Optimized render element presets for finalRender and V-Ray
# Output of objects as separate layers and channels
# Output of groups of objects as separate layers and channels (using Object IDs)
# Output of materials as separate layers and channels (using Material Effects IDs)
# Output G-Buffer channels (Material Effects ID, Object ID, Node Render ID, Normal)
# Embedding of camera and point helper animation for import into Adobe After Effects
# Unilimited free network rendering
# Can selectively prevent standard 3ds max image / render element file output
# Low memory requirements through on the fly processing.

Download Cebas Psd Manager V.2.1 For 3ds Max (32/64 bit)