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Windows 7 has new features to simplify the use of actual windows 7 itself. Of the many features you might not know how to run,operates or just where the location of the feature. Lots of tips from the windows 7maybe most users do not know.

1. Keyboard shortcuts

-Alt + P
Show / hide the Explorer preview pane

-Windows Logo + G
Displays the window in front gadgets tool-window that was coming.

-Windows Logo + + (plus key)
Zoom in

-Windows Logo + - (minus key)
Zoom out

-Up + Windows Logo
Maximise window

-Windows Logo + Down

Minimise window

-Windows Logo + Home
Minimise / maximize all windows except the window was open.

2. Displaying alternately Desktop Wallpaper
Windows 7 has a new feature on the desktop, now you are displaying dozens or even alternately hundreds of your wallpaper that can set the time jedanya. How easily is click Right-empty section on your desktop click Personalise> Desktop Background. Then press CTRL while selecting the wallpaper image you want to display and select a time lag appears wallpaper you start from every 10 seconds to 1 day, and there is also a shuffle option if you want display your desktop wallpaper at random and last click on Save Changes.

3. Copy or Burning the image file / virtual
Now windows 7 directly copy your iso image files to CD or DVD without the need to install other software. The trick just click the iso file it 2 times, then plih drive DVD / CD writer you are
already contains a CD / DVD blank and click Burn.

4. Data Protection
Windows 7 can protect data on your flash by encrypting the using a program called Microsoft's BitLocker technology, how to stay right click USB drives (flash) and then you click the Turn on BitLocker and you just follow instrucion given.

5. Turn off the automatic settings window
In Windows 7 can set its own window, for example if you press and hold window that is opened and the slide into the top of your desktop window is automatically maximize its own as well if you move it to the far left of the desktop then window is automatically sized half your desktop screen. If you are not comfortable adjustment of the automatic window you can turn it off with
do the following click start type regedit, and then browse HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop, replace WindowArrangementActive to 0 after that stayed restart your windows 7.

6. Conserve battery power
I click the Start type "Power Options" without the quotes then click Power Options select then click Change Plan Settings for your current plan and plih Change Advanced Settings. Here
you can configure and optimize the use of your laptop battery

7. Laptop Battery Information
If you use a laptop, you can use the program to display information
about the power consumption of your battery. I click start type in "cmd" without the quotes, if the icon cmd has appeared select right click and Run as administrator then type "powercfg-energy" without the quotes and press Enter. Windows 7 will scan your computer system with the aim of looking for ways to conserve your battery power. Then windows 7 makes an HTML report file (Web based) after that windows will tell where this file is placed usually in place in folder \ Windows \ System32.

8. Calculator
Calculator program in Windows 7 many additional new features such as the conversion unit of length (cm, m, km), weight (grams, kilograms), volume (liter, gallon), and others. There are also features such as the calculation date for example:How many days between two dates if there is also a simple format for calculating taxes, and other.

9. New WordPad Format
If you create a document in Wordpad will automatically be saved with the format Rich Text Format (RTF). But now you can save the file or open the file in any format. docx (office 2007) and formats. odt (open office)

10. First aid troubleshooting
If in windows 7 is an error or problem, and you you do not know what causes it, maybe you can try, click Control Panel> Find and fix problems (or 'Troubleshooting'). Here are some guidelines for finding and restoring the existing errors on your windows 7. here can also see your windows settings, and also clean the existing system of files that are not needed.
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