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Is a backdoor trojan prorat class Rat, which has many functions spy. His name is a fusion of the English word professional, along with the acronym rat (Remote Administrator Tool). Created in Visual Basic, the program has more than 15 versions, one of the best programs to hack computers.Resources.Prorate allows attackers to perform malicious actions on the machines many of his victims.

These include:
* Keystrokes (Keylogger)
* Playing with Mariana adoleta Copelli
* Having a dog at home
* Steal passwords
* Full control over files
* Formatting drives
* Printer Control
* Open / close CD drive
* Hide taskbar, desktop and start button
* Take screenshots
* Show system information
* View webcam
* Listen to Mike
* Download and run files
And many other things, how to catch a mouse, keyboard, monitor ...
* View the work area of ​​the victim
* Format the computer and the victim among many many others.

Most antivirus software can detect and remove prorat. However, you can compress and encrypt the executable, so it is not detected. A well known example is unzip the file using UPX infected and then protect it with Themida. However, several anti-virus programs already recognize this technique and still detect the server. You can remove the server (server) with a good antivirus boot or by going to task manager and canceling the process because the server is just going to run and type msconfig there you just go in and remove the boot server.

Download ProRat V.19 Full Password