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It is the complete solution. Expertise in the field combined with the power of computer calculations. The Myotest PRO combines all the functions of the Myotest SPORT with our software PRO. The Myotest PRO is a limitless analysis tool for anyone looking to go that bit further in the planning of training, the management of workloads and the monitoring of athletes.

Assess. Analyze.
For those seeking advanced analysis of sport performance or movement analysis, this solution bundles the Myotest SPORT with the PRO software.

This package offers the flexibility of instant information provided by the Myotest SPORT device, plus the option to utilize the advanced analysis and reporting features of the PRO software.

Product benefits
Athletes muscular profile
Measurement of jumps (CMJ, SJ, reactivity)
Myotest PRO biomechanical analysis software
Stride analysis (Runcheck)
Free and unlimited access to web platform
Realtime results display
Precise and reliable measurements
A reference in the world of elite sport
What they have to say.

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