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Rosetta Stone - the best program for learning the language at home. Flash allows you to teach the technique as you do in his childhood began to teach their native language - no rules, by immersion, multiple repetition and the formation of the association of a number of different areas of life, development patterns and automatisms in principle from the simple to complex, from a practical perception of writing and rules. This program will teach you not to think automatically perceive and reproduce the most ubiquitous conversational grammatical constructions that are essential for activation of your speaking and start chatting.

Platform: Windows XP / Vista, MacOS
Feature :
1. Select file Rosetta Stone 3.4.5.exe. DO NOT RUN THE PROGRAM (uncheck the box at the end of the installation);
2. Folder Crack copy the file RosettaStoneVersion3.exe in the installation folder, overwriting the original file;
3. Download the language levels that you need;
4. Install, if not on your kompe, any program that allows you to mount disk images - Daemon Tools, NeroImage;
5. Mount the disk image with the language level;
5. Run the Rosetta Stone (from the Start menu, naturally);
6. In the menu, find the Rosetta Stone, click Add or Remove Languages, and then Add a Language Level. Rosetta will find your mounted drive and offer to install language.

Download Rosetta Stone 3.4.5 Portable