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Prince Arthur and the beautiful Elena have long settled down and become a true royal pair. For 25 years they have enjoyed unclouded happiness. Time passes, children grow up, and they have their three wonderful sons...Adventures begin when they decide to marry, but all three have chosen the same one - The rich heiress named Martha. The Princess will be worthy of someone who would be able to cope with betrayal & save the country from ruin and prove his love for her!
Your Mission is to help Arthur, a valiant knight escort Helen, a beautiful princess to Helen's gravely ill father, King Olgert across lands ravaged by the worst tornado in 200 years.

Game Features:
• Arthur enlists the help of workers to repair and clear the roads of obstructions on 4 different continents in this resource-time-management game
• Each island has 10 diverse locations with vastly different obstacles making the strategy for each level distinct and challenging
• Plus 7 additional bonus levels
• Even more fascinating mini-games
• A new colourful interface

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