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Alien Skin Snap Art is a filter for generating artistic effects quickly and easily. Able to render any image with a limitless variety of styles, including effects of oil painting, pencil drawing, ink silhouette effect, comic, etc ... A perfect filter for photos or graphics style, so much more versatile and powerful Photoshop brushes or actions.

Alien Skin Snap Art uses for the calculation of sophisticated algorithms that touches first, detect the edges of image objects, shapes and lines. Then use these objects to silhouette edges while a special calculation engine filled with the same brush and colors desired. This method allows a great definition and detail reproduction, maintaining the level of realism we would find in a manual process.

Alien Skin Snap Art comes home with thousands of presets, concentrating what would be several processes in one step. Advanced users have at their disposal a detailed controls that adjust perfectly the composition and behavior of the filter. A perfect filter to apply to certain images from a digital wedding album.


Minimum System Requirements

     * 1024 MB RAM
     * 1024 x 768 or greater monitor resolution

Download Alien Skin Snap Art V.2.0.1
Password: softmediafire