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This release is inspired by MicroXP but is otherwise it's own copy. Pre-Activated, and updated May 2011. Includes default XP drivers for Display/Ethernet/Sound/SCSI/RAID It has all keyboard layout choices kept. All significant speed enhancement are built-in except swap file. All applications guaranteed to work. This copy functions in every way like retail except for speed & ram usage

Changes since 0.97:
-Security Updates November 2011
-Re-included floppy, iomega, gravis and "firewire network" support
-Re-included xp games except for pinball and spider solitaire
-Re-included ps/2 and multifunctional driver to make install on old computers more seemless.
-No changes to Security/Speed/Scripts, except for 1 which ensures quick launch functionality.
-No change to USB3/Sata support
-For improved stability/compatibility, Windows Installer 4.5 is not built-in, and must be installed if you want it.
-Removed PowerUser account and Administrator password; gets in the way of deployment.
-Updated Root Certificates; important for website and application compatibility i.e., Titan Poker.
-XP setuperr.log in windows directory remains 0 kb

Supported Languages:
All included languages and language regions are supported except: Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Korean, Thai.
Those languages take too much space.
If your concern is international websites in one of said language, then befriend Google Chrome.

Getting Started (after install)
1. Only on first startup, you may want to password-protect the account.
2. Install your hardware drivers.
3. Install software drivers through AIO .net shortcut that is on the Desktop.
When the installer starts up, everything is selected.
First click pause, then unselect german language packs. Click install.
4. Good to go. Now you can install your other apps.
Or choose "Portable Apps Platform" or "Ninite" to install mass volumes of free apps easily.
You can also have a look at the included apps in the start menu.

Micro XP Pro 0.98 New Edition
Install time..........:......~11 min on Fast System
Default Security:..........Unrivaled
Iso Size:..............203,292,672 bytes
Ram Usage: .......... ....50 MB
Automatic: ...............Setup & speed enhancements

Purpose: To make the retail version of XP Pro better
-Faster install and speed
-Less memory and cpu usage
-Increased security via tweaks and updates
-Increased compatibility via updates
-Faster deployment; getting your system ready shouldn't take eons.
-Passes WGA
-No need to activate
-Pre-shipped with handy applications, tools and a few drivers for fast deployment
-Micro XP Pro 0.98 will not produce any more errors then the retail copy*
-Must be quality enough to fix a friend's computer and zero head aches

Download Micro XP Pro 0.98
Password: softmediafire