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AutoCad is the world's premier CAD (computer aided drafting) software. Used in engineering, architecture, interior design and 3-D modeling, it has become the benchmark for producing high-quality technical drawings. Recently it's had to share this role wih Autodesk's latest flagship product, Revit. But because its been around for so many years and is used by so many professionals, AutoCad will continue to play a major role in the design and drafting process.

Autodesk, the maker of AutoCad, was founded by John Walker and Dan Drake as Marinchip. Their first version of AutoCad was released in 1982 on a DOS and Macintosh platform. Its popularity grew steadily throughout the 80's and 90's. By the early 90's it was clear that they had to develop a Windows-based version as this was the future of PC computing.
AutoCad r14

Late in the life of AutoCad r12 there was a Windows version available, but Release 13 in late 1994 was the first full release available for Windows --- and it was a mess! The number "13" proved to be a curse as this release was full of errors and bugs (and this coincidentally was the version I learned on). Autodesk realized this almost immediately as the feedback was bad. There were several patch releases (13.1, 13.2, etc) but it wasn't until release 14 in 1997 that AutoCad's superiority returned. Not only was DOS obsolete, using a DOS based AutoCad was considered ridiculous due to release 14's ease of use and functionality.

Beginning in 2000, Auodesk began calling subsequent release of AutoCad by the year and not by the version anymore. Hence, in 2000 AutoCad release 2000 was released. Currently, the latest version of AutoCad is relaease 2012, but most users are still using release 2010.

Because of AutoCad's popularity, Autodesk began producing different varieties. AutoCad LT is a version that is much less expensive but only has 2D functionality. Its a leaner version of AutoCad but at a much lower price. Also, the Desktop series was introduced in the mid 2000's to help with 3D modeling of land, architectural, mechanical and electrical components. These are beefed-up versions of AutoCad that incoporate design components of each of the particular trades into them.
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