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Apolisoft MCataloguer v3.0.0.6 - is the best choice among the software of its kind. Thousands of people has already tried it and it's high time you did. It is absolutely easy to use the software. It is accessible and everyone will understand it. Furthermore, our prices are the lowest. If you buy Apolisoft MCataloguer 2.9 in our online store, we will give you a discount. AApolisoft MCataloguer v3.0.0.6 can be easily downloaded after payment in a few seconds.

Info :
    * Catalogs all types of removable media and hard disks on your computer
    * Supports multi-level categories with unlimited levels
    * Music CD web search and management
    * Media file cataloguing - Video and Audio
    * Digi-photo and image files cataloging
    * Compressed archive cataloguing and listing
    * Font cataloging
    * Document properties views
    * Integrated friendly interface
    * Comment for each cataloged file or folder
    * No database engine needed. No specific configuration needed.
    * Super-fast search function for every item in the catalog and inside compressed archives.
    * Layout printing
    * Unicode multilingual support
    * Statistics for whole catalog or individual category
    * Synchronization
    * Export and Import
    * Cover
    * File type filter; Different settings for sub-directories; Controllable file structure depth when adding file structure into catalog.
    * Embedded Open/Close device door function

Download Apolisoft MCataloguer v3.0.0.6
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