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SWF Encrypt offers you easy to encrypt the Adobe Flash ® SWF files. Developed using a powerful obfuscation techniques, proven to provide security in ActionScript and prevent someone doing reverse engineering and decompling your SWF files using flash decompiler tool commonly found on the market. 

* Encrypt, Obfuscate 7 Protect your Flash 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 SWF Movies - SWF Encrypt 6.0 has been designed specifically for Adobe Flash 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 SWF Files to keep your Actionscript shielded from would-be hackers! SWF Encrypt 6.0 Important Will guard your Actionscript code from decompilers and reverse engineering techniques! 

* Updated for 10/CS4/CS5 Flash, Flex and ActionScript 2/3/4 1/2/3 - SWF Encrypt 6.0 has been updated to Provide encryption and obfuscation for Flash 10 SWF Files created with Flash CS4/CS5 and Flex 2 / 3 / 4. SWF Encrypt 6.0 is the only encryption tool That provides Obfuscation for Actionscript 3.0 

* Encrypt SWF Resources [Beta] - SWF Encrypt 6.0 has recently been updated with the Advanced Encryption Options including the ability to encrypt SWF Resources Such as Images, Symbols, Graphics and Audio Files ! 

* Adobe AIR Encrypt Files Directly - SWF Encrypt 6.0 has been updated to Provide direct encryption and obfuscation of the Adobe AIR Files. Simply select the. Water from within the GUI File and Encrypt as easily as SWF Files. 

* Dense Actionscript Obfuscation - Obfuscation Our Encryption Technique uses Unique & Algorithms to protect your SWF and put a lock on your Actionscript! The same SWF Will have a Unique Encryption Fingerprint each time it's encrypted, providing even Greater protection of your Actionscript. 

* No Limit Line Actionscript - SWF Encrypt 6.0 can Encrypt and Protect SWF's that have even just 1 line of code! All MovieClip, Button and Frame Scripts are Protected. Even ActionScript located in nested symbols is obfuscated from Common decompilers. 

* Available for Windows & Mac OSX - SWF Encrypt 6.0 is available for Both Windows and Mac OSX Platforms - Regardless of the which platform you work on, SWF Encrypt 6.0 provides the same level of Security and ActionScript Obfuscation on Both Windows and Mac OSX!

Download  Amayeta SWF Encrypt  V.6.0.7