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Search engine optimization is a lot like trying to catch the steam that you breathe on a cold winter day. You can see it. You know it exists, but there’s no way to actually contain and quantify the steam. You can see the results of SEO and you can figure out how best to achieve it, but it’s still possible to do everything right and not achieve the ultimate goal landing the very first listing on a search engine results page, or SERP.

Good news though, you don’t necessarily want to be the very top listing on a SERP. Think about this how often do you click the first search result and not go any farther? Even if you find exactly what you’re looking for on the first page you jump to, you still click through some of the other results just to make sure the first page isn’t lying to you.

As a general rule, I go through the listings of about ten results pages, just to make sure I’m getting the best info. Admittedly, I may be a little more patient than your average searcher. Most people don’t go much deeper than the second page of results. Because you should probably be targeting your Web site to normal folks rather than obsessive-compulsive types like me, you want your Web site to fall somewhere on the first or second page of results. If it does, you’re fine  you can count your search marketing efforts a success,
even if your site isn’t at the very tippy-top of the first SERP.

Achieving that first- or second-page placement isn’t a sure thing it requires a little effort on your part. You can take a number of steps to ensure a better search engine ranking steps I get to in a bit but the most important piece in your SEO puzzle involves the keywords on which your Web site is based. You do have keywords, right? If not, you need them. However, not just any keyword will do,Do the best..good Luck..
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