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After its enormous success on the market VRay has become the renderer of choice in big production studios across the world. Feature film productions, multi-million dollar game productions, huge and small architectural visualizations have trusted their visuals to VRay.VRay has become a benchmark for speed used by many hardware vendors and other renderer developers to test against. Richest set of features, cost-effective and production-ready.

* Compatibility with 3ds Max 2008 & 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009
* Support for animated deforming meshes to .vrmesh files and the VRayProxy object
* Support for Lighting Analysis Overlay render effect in 3ds Max 2009
* VRayIES light
* VRaySimbiontMtl material (allows rendering of DarkTree materials directly by V-Ray)
* Rectangle VRayLights can be mapped with a texture map, similar to dome lights
* VRayShadowMap shadow generator for standard lights (useful for reducing flickering of VRayFur in animations; works with all V-Ray geometry objects like proxies, fur etc.)
* VRay_Illuminance render element
* VRay_SelfIlluminationMap texture baking element
* VRay_BumpNormals render element and VRayBumpNormalsMap bake render element to extract bump-mapped normals
* VRay_ExtraTex render element to store the result from the calculation of any extra texture map on shaded surfaces without the need to actually apply the map in their materials (can be used with VRayDirt for AO pass, or with Vertex Color map for UVW channels pass, or with Falloff map for custom z-depth pass or top/bottom etc)
* VRay_SampleRate render element to show the image sampling rate into a separate element
* The installation includes MAX.vray Defaults profile for 3ds Max.

Download Vray Advanced V.1.50.R3 For 3d Studio Max.8