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MyConnection Server measures the quality and performance of network connections and provides the information to help identify and resolve the problems that deliver a poor customer experience. A broad set of deployment options deliver a cost effective solution for small, medium and enterprise businesses.

Identifying the cause of remote network problems is time consuming and costly. Whether trying to resolve a connection problem for an existing customer or prequalifying a new customer for business growth, ensuring connections perform and identifying the cause, when there is a problem, is crucial to reducing support costs and growing a satisfied customer base.
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MyConnection Server is an application designed specifically to help organizations measure network quality, identify and resolve last mile problems quickly without being intrusive to the customer. MyConnection Server can help your organization to:

    Improve the overall quality of experience for customers
    Proactively and quickly resolve customer problems through automated processes
    Maintain high availability of application services such as DNS, SIP, FTP
    Maintain high application acceptance through robust and consistent prequalification
    Improve network reliability, resolve routing, peering point and lost data problems
    Improve customer acceptance of problems that originate in the customer network and last mile
    Deliver non–intrusive service, reduce or eliminate customer involvement in problem resolution

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